Case Study: Resume Writing Services

The client

The client was a B.Tech graduate who worked in different industries without having a clear line of professional growth. The movement from one industry was frequent and sporadic. This left the client in a state where recruiters were unable to observe a specific set of skills. As a result, the client was in search of a freelance resume writer in Kochi, who can help him craft a focused resume to get placed in a reputed organization.

The requirements

The client had very specific and sensible requirements that he wanted his CV writer from Kerala to meet;

  • The resume required to highlight the comprehensive and holistic experience of the client in different industry verticals and present the same as a potential strength of the client.
  • CV had to project the client as a capable individual who can carry out projects and tasks even under extreme pressure situations.
  • The resume also required to possess such vigor to compete against the resumes of individuals who have years of experience in the core industry of the recruiting organization.

The challenges

Since the client had no apparent and pertinent experience in the industry of the recruiting organization, the challenges we many;

  • To emphasize the combined experience of the client as a strength that can help the organization adopt various operational strategies from different industry verticals.
  • To de-emphasize the fact that the client has been jumping ships.
  • To focus on the capabilities of the individual and to project him as possibly the best candidate who can bring more value to the organization than the candidates with experience in similar industries.

The solution

As an experienced freelance resume writer in Kerala who provided numerous resumes for freshers and experienced professionals, I approached the situation rather differently.

Instead of crafting a normal resume that was based on more textual content, a visual CV was created.

The visual resume was crafted in such a way that it was able to concentrate objectively on the various skills of the client rather than the fact that the client moved from one industry off to another.

In the resume, my instincts as an experienced CV writer in Kerala drove me to craft a resume that brought all focus to the skill sets of the client and subtly mentioning the absence of experience in any one core industry.

The result

The result was obviously positive for the client as he was able to get placed in an esteemed organization that understood the core competencies of the person by means of the specifically and strategically crafted resume.