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Accomplish Your Career Dreams with Our Best Resume Writing Services in Chennai

Is landing a job that aligns with your qualifications, experiences and dreams your longtime wish? Be assured that we can be your best companion in that pursuit. Our best resume writing services in Chennai help hundreds of candidates get noticed by the hiring managers of their desired companies or firms. Our resume writing services incorporate:

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What Makes Our Resumes the Best in Chennai?

We incorporate the best job-hunting practices that most recruiters and employers in Chennai appreciate. Our more than 10 years of presence in Chennai offering premier resume writing services leave us with strong knowledge of more than 500 companies scattered across various outskirts and industries. Take a look at the key qualities we help you enjoy while buying CVs from our resume writers in Chennai. 

Resume Writing Services in Chennai

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Why Should You Start Job Search with A Professional Resume?

The most coveted benefit of a professionally written resume is that it helps you land your dream job 10x faster than a resume that you write by yourself. If you are wondering whether you should actually get a professional resume or use one that you yourself have made, here are some reasons to go with the former option. 

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Major Locations Where You Can Find Our Resume Writing Services in Chennai

By looking for us with the keyword ‘resume writing services near me,’ you can locate us in your preferred locations in Chennai. On top of that, we streamline our online services, making it possible for you to purchase the best resume writing services in Chennai from anywhere in the world.

Our top locations in Chennai are:


Anna Nagar

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We Craft Your Winning CV for Any Job

We take pride in creating a CV/resume portfolio for more than 200 different job titles across all the different industries. Here is a list of the top ten job titles for which we have made the most resumes in the past quarter of the year. 

Resume for Project Manager

Resume for Sales Manager

Resume for Marketing Manager

Resume for Financial Analyst

Resume for Human Resources Manager

Resume for Resume for Executive Assistant

Resume for Registered Nurse

Resume for Digital Marketing Specialist

Our 6-Step Resume Drafting Methodology

Step One – Initial Consultation:
You contact us and we will discuss in length your unique resume requirements.
Step Two – Order Placement:
We give you the price and payment details. You confirm your order by completing the payment.
Step Three – Research and conceptualization:
We assign the project to our resume builder in Chennai. Research and conceptualisation of your resume are carried out.
Step Four – Review and Feedback:
The first draft of the resume is shared with you for review and feedback. Your suggestions are incorporated into the final soft copy.
Step five – Finalization and Validation:
Once your resume has been finalized, our senior editorial team validates, proofreads and QA tests it and makes it ready for delivery.
Step Six – Order Delivery:
You receive the final PDF copy of your CV in your email on or before the deadline we initially gave you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can’t give you the price without evaluating your unique resume requirements like how quickly you need it and how it needs to be optimized. For a quick estimation of the price, we recommend you contact us today and share your resume details with us. You can order the service only if you are totally satisfied with the price and quality of our services. 

By using professional resume writing services in Chennai, you can land your dream job faster and easier. In other words, it helps you start earning faster than otherwise. Comparing the small price you pay for a professional resume writer with the salary you start earning earlier, it is totally worth it. 

Before hiring a freelance resume writer in Chennai, we strongly advise you to gather some details about the writer and weigh his or her credibility. If they have consistently received positive reviews, it is okay to hire them. At AVS, we employ 50-plus in-house writers to offer dedicated resume writing services. Unlike freelance writers who would only be familiar with specific jobs or industries, we offer a large portfolio of resumes for more than 200 job titles across several industries. 

Anjit VS has consistently been ranked as the number one resume writing service provider in Chennai. What makes it the number one is its world-class customer support, a large number of job coverage in resume making, and in-depth knowledge of each industry and job role. More than 90 percent of its new customers are people who have been recommended to it by former customers. It shows the level of trust that candidates have in them. 

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