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Stand Out at Job Interviews with A Perfect Teacher Resume – a Comprehensive Guide for 2023

Are you passionate about teaching and want your resume to reflect it? At Anjit VS, we understand the challenge educators face in crafting teacher resumes that reflect their passion, personality, skills, and career objectives. With over a decade of experience in drafting resumes for various kinds of teacher jobs in different countries and institutions, we’ve mastered the art of drafting perfect resume for teacher jobs. In this blog, we are glad to share with you some of our insights and tips from our experience. Reading this blog will help you learn: 

Teacher Resume Objective

The objective is an important component in your teacher resume. It helps you capture the attention of your hiring manager and increases your chances of getting hired. The objective in the teacher resume helps you: 

We Use the Best Resume Format for Teacher Job to Give You the Edge

We will use a professionally accepted and aesthetically rich resume format for teacher job. It will help you get maximum visibility when applications are scrutinized by the recruiter. 


  • Start your resume with a header that clearly and visibly shows your name. 
  • Add your address and phone number and email address in the header. 



Sam James 

House No 25, Chennai 600001

Mob 90xxxxxxx9

Email: [email protected]



  • The objective is the most important part of your teacher resume. 
  • It should contain a concise statement showing your goals, experience, and skills. 
  • Customize the objective as per the job description of the teacher job you are applying to. 


E.g: A passionate and dedicated teacher looking for a fulfilling position where I can use my skills to impart knowledge and also find meaning in my life and career by following my passion for teaching. I aim to make use of my strong foundation in pedagogy, expertise in classroom management and exposure to curriculum development for the academic growth of all students I teach.



  • Here list the relevant academic certifications you have, for instance, B. Ed or M. Ed or M. Phil or PhD and the years when you were awarded them. 



  • M.Ed. (Master of Education) from Bangalore University, Bangalore 2009
  • B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) from Mysore University, Mysore 2005


Work History

  • Mention your relevant work experience as a teacher 
  • If you are a fresher, prepare a fresher teacher resume highlighting internship experiences. 
  • For an experienced teacher resume, mention your experiences in reverse chronological order. 
  • While writing about your experiences, mention the key responsibilities you handled. 



2010 – 2020         Primary teacher 
                            St Xavier’s Primary School, Bangalore

  • Develop lesson plans in compliance with the given curriculum standards.
  • Cater to the unique learning requirements of students by developing differentiated instruction methods. 
  • Improve students’ learning experience by making use of all the available resources, technologies and strategies. 
  • Conduct formative and summative assessments to evaluate the progress of students. 



  • Find out the skills that you are required in order to be eligible for the particular teaching job. 
  • Check how strongly you identify with those skills and list them down. 



  • Good with using modern technology – tools and software – in teaching. Successfully conducted online classes during the pandemic using Google Classroom. 
  • Expertise in lesson planning and curriculum development
  • Proven excellence in interpersonal communication. Managed to establish rapport with students, parents and colleagues. 
  • Excellent classroom management skills.
  • Good understanding of assessment design.



  • Mention some of your relevant accomplishments to convince the recruiters that you could be a strong bid. 
  • Mention your accomplishments in quantitative terms to make them look more realistic. 



  • Developed and implemented a communicative English learning unit resulting in helping students enhance their communication skills. 
  • Was awarded the ‘Best Teacher of the Year’ in 2021 for my creative contributions to the school. 
  • Devised an interactive classroom plan resulting in a 40% increase in student participation and knowledge acquisition.
  • Conducted professional development workshops on ‘classroom management’ for fellow teachers. 


Extracurricular Involvement

  • List your contributions and involvements in extracurricular activities, for instance, scouts, clubs, student clubs, or committees related to education.


  • Acted as the advisor for a students’ nature club. 



  • Be ready to provide at least two references. 
  • It is not necessary to mention the references on your resume unless you have been specifically asked to.



References are available upon request.

Hire Professional Teaching Resume Writers

Are you on the lookout for professional teaching resume writing services that can refine your resume and give it a polished look before HR? We are here. Get in touch with us. 

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Teacher Resume Examples

Here is a sample CV for teachers in Word format. Go through it carefully to understand the key points and clarify your doubts.

Expert Tips to Make Your Teacher Resume Attractive and Winning

  • Always use reverse-chronological order for listing your experiences in the CV. 
  • Ensure that your CV and cover letter agree with each other. 
  • Showcase both your soft skills and teaching skills 
  • Format your teacher resume in an accepted format. 
  • Customize your CV as per the job description of the institute/school/college.

Our Expertise Extends to Making Resumes for All Teaching Roles

At Anjit VS, we have teacher resume makers to make engaging CVs for a multitude of diverse teaching roles. We have expertise in differentiating CVs for all levels of experience and academic levels. Here is a brief list of our role-based CV for school teacher. 

  • Preschool Teacher Resume 
  • English teacher CV
  • New Teacher Resume
  • High School Teacher
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Teacher Assistant 
  • Female teacher cv for fresher teacher 
  • Substitute Teacher

Our Distinctive Approach to Teacher Resume Making

You make the first contact with us for teacher resume help. We collect details about your CV requirement and give expected writing cost, samples and payment details etc.

You submit the payment as instructed to confirm your order to write your cv for the post of a school teacher. Post that, we will assign a teacher resume writer to you.

Based on your inputs, we meticulously review the job description and match your skills and experiences to the given role. 

Once the first draft is ready, we share it with you for review. You may let us know in case you need any changes.

Your teacher CV template is finalized and then given to our senior editorial team for thorough proofreading, validation and quality assurance testing. 

We email you the soft copy of your resume for teacher job in PDF or Word format on or before the time we promised you at the time of placing the order. 

We Provide Teacher Resume Writing Services for A Global Audience

Our teacher resume writing services are now available for a global audience. We have created a strong and authentic database with resources and local expertise to draft CVs for teacher candidates in over 80 countries. Here are our top picks. 


Want to Hire an Online Teacher Resume Writer? We’ve Got You Covered!

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Frequently Asked Question


A resume for teacher job is a brief document consisting of one to two pages. It gives an overview of your relevant academic qualifications, skills, experiences, career goals and objectives in order to qualify for a teacher job. 

Yes. One-two pages is the recommended size of teacher resume. 

We offer cover letter writing services too. It is a standalone service. If you need a cover letter, you need to purchase it separately.

As you know, there are different types of resumes – functional resumes, chronological resumes, combination resumes, infographic resumes, targeted resumes etc. There is no specific type of resume which is best for a teacher job in general. The choice of resume type must be made based on one’s experience level and the particular job which is on offer. When you order our resume writing services, we will help you figure out which CV or resume type is best for your profile and draft it. 

1-2 Pages is the ideal size for a teacher resume. 

Make the summary a reflection of your experience, passion, eligibility and suitability for the applied role. 

Yes, we provide professional assistance for all types of teaching roles including substitute teacher. 

When you hire a professional writer for making your teacher CV, they will meticulously pick each word in the teacher CV objective to give your profile maximum visibility and appeal. Moreover, they will optimize your CV for ATS scanning. It means your CV will contain industry-relevant keywords and formatting in order not to be filtered out by modern ATS (application tracking system) software. A professional writer will help you choose the right type of resume based on your experience level. They would help you effectively deal with your gaps or inconsistent education or experience. In short, there are several benefits to hiring a professional resume writer for teacher jobs. 

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