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How to Write a Doctor Resume - Hire Expert CV Writers

Remember that a stellar doctor resume is the door to your dream medical career. From highlighting your passion for the healing profession to your brilliance in the field, it should cover a lot of dimensions should it impress the hiring manager. But don’t worry. We have helped hundreds of candidates pass this hurdle by helping them write outstanding doctor CVs. In this blog, we will share with you tips and insights from our years of experience in this area. As you read along, you will learn to:

What Are the Objectives of An MBBS Doctor Resume?

Note that your individual goals will have a significant influence on the objectives of your CV for doctor job. Apart from this, the following objectives can be applied in all contexts. 

Resume Format for Doctors

Choosing the right resume format for doctors is the most crucial part when it comes to drafting a doctor resume. Let’s show you a winning format here. 

Functional Vs Hybrid Vs Reverse-Chronological Resume for Doctor Job

When it comes to the resume format, there are mainly three different types of them – functional resume, hybrid resume and reverse-chronological resume. 
  • If you are looking for a job change within your doctor profession, a functional resume might be useful. 
  • If you are an experienced medical professional, a reverse-chronological doctor biodata format would work for you since it helps you highlight your work history. 
  • A hybrid format is ideal for junior doctor resumes. 

Fundamental Doctor Resume Format Tips

Whatever type of resume you choose, make sure that the basic formatting tips given below are carefully incorporated into your doctor resume pdf. 
  • Font style: Choose an academic font like Times New Roman or Helvetica. 
  • Font size: Set 12 points as your font size. 
  • Length: Do not exceed more than one page if your experience is below 10 years. 
  • Accuracy: Ensure accuracy of grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

Doctor Resume Structure

Here is a sample template to show you how to structure your doctor resume. 

  • Address: At the top of the resume, write your name, role and address. 

E.g.: Dr Johnson Smith 

General Physician 


[City, State, PIN/ZIP Code]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]


  • Objective: Next, write your professional objective.  

E.g.: Highly skilled and passionate medical professional seeking a fulfilling career as a doctor to provide quality healthcare and ensure the well-being of patients.

  • Education: In the next part, list down your academic qualifications. 

E.g.: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (AIIMS) – 2022

Bachelor of Science in Biology, [St. Stephen’s College], [2017]


  • Medical Licensure:

E.g.: Karnataka Statement Medical Council, KNG568972, 2022


  • Certifications:

E.g.: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), 2020

Basic Life Support (BLS), 2021


  • Professional Experience (If you have multiple experiences, list them in reverse-chronological order]

E.g.: General Physician

Apollo Hospital

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

January 2022 to Present


  1. Responsibilities: 
  • Diagnosed different medical conditions and ensured proper evaluation and follow-up of the findings. 
  • Worked in a multidisciplinary team which include healthcare professionals from other departments, nurses and paramedics. 
  • Carried out thorough examinations of the patients and prescribed remedies and medicines. 
  • Inspected diagnostic tests pertaining to the patients and interpreted them for the healthcare assistants.



  1. Skills: (List the most relevant skills that align to the expectations of the desired role)
  • Excellent diagnostic skills
  • Good knowledge of electronic medical record systems
  • Passion for patient-centred care
  • Through clinical knowledge 
  • Demonstrates strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work effortlessly in a high-pressure environment
  • Strong sense of identification with ethical practices


  • References: 

Available upon request

Doctor Resume Template

Go through the following doctor resume sample carefully to learn how to list your points in it. Note down where to place each point so as to give them maximum visibility. 

Why Hiring an Expert for Your Doctor CV is a Game-Changer?

It is proven beyond any doubt that a good resume gives you a competitive edge when you start looking for a dream job in the medical field. Remember that each day following your MBBS completion is crucial in your medical career. By hiring a professional to draft your MBBS fresher resume, you can remarkably improve your chances of getting noticed by a prospective recruiter. Read to find out how an expert can ace your resume. 
  • They customize your resume to suit the context and purpose. 
  • They have the local industry knowledge to streamline your resume
  • They incorporate the right format and structure to perfect your resume
  • They save your time and effort, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. 

Why Anjit VS for Outstanding Doctor Resume?

At Anjit VS, we have been writing doctor resumes for over a decade. We take pride in our broad experience in this segment of resume writing. Here are a few things that make us stand tall among professional doctor resume writers. 

  • In-Depth Knowledge of The Medical Industry
  • Transparent And Professional Approach
  • Assurance of Data Security and Confidentiality
  • On-Time Delivery Without Quality Compromise
  • 100 Per Cent Value for Your Money

We Draft Tailor-Made CVs for All Major Medical Positions

As the most trusted provider of curriculum vitae doctor, we have expanded our services for all major medical positions, which include: 

  • Paediatrician resume
  • Dermatologist resume
  • Cardiologist resume
  • Psychiatrist resume
  • Ophthalmologist cv
  • Radiologist resume
  • Anaesthesiologist resume
  • Gynaecologist resume
  • Ent resume
  • General physician resume
  • General surgeon resume
  • Oncologist resume
  • Endocrinologist resume
  • Gastroenterologist cv
  • Neurologist resume
  • Nephrologist resume

The Go-To Help for Best Doctor CVs on a Global Level

Our specialized local expertise in drafting your resume in accordance with the particular country you are eyeing will help you secure a job there more easily. Here are the top ten countries we served the most in the last quarter. 

Our Methodological Approach Towards Writing First-class Doctor Resumes


01 – Initial consultation

You tell us about your dr resume requirements. We probe to get more details like experience, specialization, target hospitals etc.


02 – Order confirmation

After we quote you the price for the resume, you complete the payment to confirm your order. 


03 – First draft review

We’ll send you the first draft of the resume to go through and let us know if you need any changes.


04 – Finalization

We finalize your resume and later get it proofread, validated and quality-checked by the senior editorial team.


05 – Order delivery

The soft copy of the completed doctor CV is delivered to your email on or before the agreed-upon time. 

Success Stories from Delighted Doctor Aspirants

Are You Looking for a Resume Writer Online?

Frequently Asked Question


Yes. Like any other professionals, doctors too need a tailored and ATS friendly resume when they look for a job as a fresher or even as an experienced one.

Depending on the employer and the job requirement, a doctor’s resume can be called a CV for MBBS doctor or doctor resume. In some cases, we have seen employers asking for detailed doctor biodata. In such cases, you are supposed to cover every nuance of the roles or responsibilities you held.

If you are a fresher and looking to write a doctor resume, you should go for a functional resume since you need to highlight your skills rather than your experiences.

A good summary for a curriculum vitae medical doctor should give a precise overview of the candidate’s clinical expertise, qualifications, medical experiences and career goals. 

One-two page is the ideal size for a medical resume.

Yes. We have resume writers with thorough industry knowledge of alternative medical fields like Siddha and Ayurveda. So, we can provide you with professional resume writing assistance for them as well. 

We can deliver you the completed doctor resume within two to three business days after placing the order. If you are about to hit the deadline and need the resume a bit faster, you can order your resume through our fast-track scheme which will allow you to get the final resume PDF in 24 to 48 hours. 

Yes, we are resourceful to write homoeopathy doctor resumes too. Feel free to contact us and request a CV format for doctors pdf for homeopathy.

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