Writing a fresher’s resume – Things to keep in mind

Writing a fresher’s resume is not as daunting as it may seem. The sole objective should be to weave a captivating account of the candidate’s skills to convince the recruiter beyond doubt that he is the most appropriate choice. Resume writing services in Kerala pulls this off stunningly well. Learn how.

Addressing the basic issues

The CV needs to be written in straightforward manner. Relevant information should be presented succinctly so as to be useful to recruiter for aligning your skills with job dictates. To avoid being discarded during computer screening, the resume must meet the specific criteria of recruiter.

The recruiter’s organization should be researched about in depth. Gathering optimum information about the job from close contacts can prevent blunders in the CV. Adhere to the facts and steer clear of additional information unless this can provide definite competitive advantage. Choose quality over quantity.

Formatting aspects

The resume needs to be crafted from the recruiter’s viewpoint. Dedication portions delineated by headers should be presented to help the recruiter commit his attention to specific aspects of your skills and qualifications. The credibility of the resume can be stressed by choosing professional colours and templates.

The CV should have sufficient space between sections. Cramming everything shabbily in small space would mirror your slipshod attitude only. Projects done during internship should be highlighted prominently.

The career objective section should not be too aspirational to seem unrealistic. You need to understand that the recruiter is a heavily experienced fellow who can judge your flaky tone at the first glance only. This means you need to adequately address the high priority needs of the employer in the true spirit. There shouldn’t be any typos as this conveys a negative impression.

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