Advantage of different resume formats


Advantage of different resume formats 

Times have changed and so are the ways to process your biodata by potential recruiters. The skills of CV developer from top notch resume making services in Kochi still matter, but contemporary times dictate tweaking CV formats adequately to measure up to the requirements of prospective employers.

Well you may have been thinking about formatting your CV elegantly!! No need to pour cold water over the same. This blog will discuss the pros and cons of different CV sending file format by best resume writing services in Kochi. 

.pdf format for resume

 Anyone can access the CV from his/ her computer. Pdf meticulously preserves the format which means that nothing would be botched up and the bucks you have paid to professional resume writing services in Kochi would not go waste. Your CV maker can enjoy more freedom with .pdf format and can let his creative juices flow optimally.

On the flip side, some old version application tracking software may find it difficult to read CVs in .pdf format. Further, such software (commonly deployed on online resume seeking pages of large companies) mostly fail pathetically when it comes to deciphering text hidden in images and reading graphics.

MS Word resume format  

Ms Word is literally installed on everyone’s computer or smartphone. Application trackers have no difficulty in reading CVs posted in doc format. Most companies prefer just the plain textual content of your CV to go through the skills and achievements.

On the oblong side, the stellar work done by your CV editing expert can get ruined if the recruiter opens the CV in a version that does not support all formatting of the MS version you may use. This messing up of formatting can also occur if wordpad or other tools are used for viewing the curriculum vitae. The recruiter may tamper with your CV by deliberately distorting vital elements to favour other aspirants. Resume writer Kochi is your one stop friend when it comes to taking the right action regarding your CV’s format.

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