Want to Rank Every Blog You Write High in Google? Try These Ideas


Finally, you have made it; blogging, building quality traffic, attaining new visitors and converting them to customers and creating brand awareness.

These are all exciting.

But, I have got some bad news for you.

If your blogs are not going to rank well in search engines, especially in Google, your business is not going to make the kind of progress you are expecting.

But you would have noticed that the blogs written by a professional content writer in Kochi constantly rank higher in Google and wondered how they even do it.

As a freelance content writer in Kochi with clients from across the world, I get a lot of questions from my clients about the same.

In a nutshell, it is all about SEO. But there is more to it than what meets the eye. So, I have decided to explain what I do about it.

And, if you are ready, let us take the plunge;

Keywords are your dark horse; now, tomorrow and forever

While this seems a no-brainer, many people lose it when it comes to effectively using keywords.

Keyword is, without a doubt, the most abused element in SEO, apart from backlinks; as one of the best freelance web content writers based in Kochi, I have experienced this in close quarters.

Google almost got away with links, thanks to its ever-evolving algorithm.

However, they did not get lucky enough with downplaying keywords. Part of this goes to the fact that Google was created to pick up keywords or phrases that matched the queries of the visitors.

The important point here is to carry out a series of research for a set of keywords for your brand. And once you do that, select a set of keywords that you want to rank for and effectively use them on your blog posts.

You need to run a few tests and understand which ones give your better traffic and better conversion rates and capitalize on them.

Keep the following points in your mind to get the best results;

  • Place your keyword in the blog title
  • Your blog must have enough keywords throughout the post
  • Effectively incorporate different versions of the keyword
  • Do not forget to add LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords
  • Ensure that your H2 and/or H3 headings have your primary keywords

Respond to the changes happening in Google’s algorithm

I have been servicing several clients with diverse content requirements for well more than half a decade as their primary freelance web content writer in Kochi. This helped me see how search engines, especially Google, have changed their approach through the years.

As a result, it is important that you adapt your content marketing techniques to the ones that match the requirements of today.

I have had several clients who have been sticking with similar writing style, guidelines, keyword structures and content marketing techniques and they complain that they do not get enough traffic.

If you are a victim of this pitfall—like, many are—you need to ensure that you are optimizing your content in ways that matter to Google, or any search engine for that matter.

Keep the following ideas in your mind;

  • Google always loves in-depth content and as such, increase the length of your blog.
  • Keep your audience in mind all the time and write for them.
  • Google considers how easy to read your content while ranking it. So, perk up readability.
  • Always be in the dynamic part of the digital world and hence, update your blogs frequently.
  • Try to avoid jargons as much as possible. You may like it but your audience may not.

Do not avoid incorporating the not-so-easy technical factors for ranking

I offer a wide range of freelance web content writing services in Kochi for clients from diverse business verticals, but I am not directly involved with the clients’ content marketing efforts. However, at times when I get clients talking about the dwindling traffic, I may step in and share a few insights for them.

Most of the times, I have observed that the clients do not pay enough attention to the invisible factors that can boost the ranking of a website, even when they take of other ranking factors.

This can often intimidate most of the clients, I have learned. But that does not mean that you have to run away from it.

So, how do you do it?

The following ways are the best ones to get these not-so-easy technical factors going for you.

  • Write a strong title with your primary keyword on it
  • Create a URL that is readable and keyword-rich
  • Write and include a compelling, relevant and informative meta-description for your blog
  • Never forget or miss optimizing your images
  • Always make efforts to promote the blogs for backlinks

Respect your layout and fix any issues with it

Despite your blog being the best, informative and engagingly original, there are chances, if your web layout is not encouraging, that it might linger down at the search pages.

One of the most important things that I, as an experienced freelance SEO copywriter in Kochi, have understood is that content and layout must complement each other to create a unique user-experience.

And, always keep in mind that better user-experience must be the aim of everything you do on your website.

This simply means, that your website—its design, layouts, drop-downs, navigations and pretty much everything—has an important role to play in ranking your website high up in the search engine result pages.

If you are wondering how you are going to do it, check the following ideas that I have shared with one of my clients who wanted me to help her as well.

  • Mobility is the new buzz word and do make your website mobile-friendly
  • People do not have time and they don’t wait; ensure that your website loads faster
  • Use valid HTML and CSS codes. Your users won’t see it, but Google does it.
  • Make the website easier to navigate through
  • Avoid too many pop-ups asking to sign up for newsletters and take a survey

Also have in mind that there are pretty much the same ones that I use as well and the only difference being that I take a more subtle and CRM focused effort.

Do not depend on text alone. Diversify

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to stop depending on text alone.

While there is no doubt that engaging and original content written by a professional freelance content writer in Kochi has exceptional value, you must look for ways to improve its chances of spreading and its value.

There are a myriad of options that you can use to add value to your text and the important ones are as follows;

  • Make sure that you have enough social sharing buttons, and do not overdo it
  • Prepare for the biggest trend in Google search, Voice Searches
  • Have comment section and respond to genuine comments, and it is likely improve your brand engagement
  • Imbed different types of media such as images, videos and infographics etc

As you have seen, if you really want to rank your blog higher in Google searches, you need to get out there and work for it. These ideas will help you tread on the right path.

Always keep in mind that even when you have the help of the best freelance content writer in Kochi, creating exceptional content for you, if you do not do your part, all that efforts can go in vein.

Following these ideas clearly will ensure immense SEO improvement for your blog. And with it, more sales, revenue and profit will follow suite, for certain.