Looking for content writer jobs in Kerala? If you really love writing, I can help!

Note: PLEASE DON’T CALL. Inquiries via emails only preferred. If you fit the slot for the content writing jobs in Kochi, Kerala, I will call and we will discuss further. Drop a mail to anjitwriter@gmail.com

If you are an experienced writer or someone too passionate about writing, there are a lot of online home based part time freelance content writing jobs in Kochi, Kerala available for you. When I started writing nearly a decade back, I used to keep on searching and obviously my quest was for content writer jobs for freshers in Kerala as I was just starting. Being in this industry since 2011, over the years I have worked with businesses throughout Kochi, Kerala, across India and even abroad. Many times I had to associate with some good content writers so as to share my burden. In fact to be frank, associating with some fellow writers got me some bad experiences as well. Few didn’t submit on time and quality kept on degrading. So, I started being very choosy and my team now has only a very few reliable writers.

However, as a plan of my team expansion to cater more businesses in need of words, I am looking out for some talented, passionate and more importantly committed and ethical writers.

Freelance content writing jobs in Kerala that I offer fall under the below categories:

Content writing internships in Kerala

If you are new to the writing niche and are looking for content writing internships in Kerala, I would be happy to assist you in starting a great career ahead. This option suits perfectly for aspirants looking for writing internships from home. A lot of vacancies are there.

Freelance writing jobs in Kerala

I can also provide enough freelance writing jobs for college students online and jobs for journalism students and journalism freshers in Kerala. Content writing job also suits English graduates. Among many jobs for English graduates in Kerala, writing is a lucrative and respectable choice to make.

Cochin is an ideal location if you are looking for home based or part time content writing jobs. Kochi houses a lot of IT companies and branding agencies and they are always having vacancies for such jobs. Only few may avail freelance content writing jobs in Kochi. In most of the cases it will not be home based and you will have to work in house. It obviously has its own benefits but the mode of job suitable for you depends on your specific situations only.

If you are a housewife looking for part time content writing jobs in Kochi, I would suggest home based option. Still companies in Kerala may demand personal meetings at least once in a week so that project requirements are communicated effectively. In certain cases, initial training may be needed. However, freelance job is always better if you have to manage a family having small kids or old parents or any such unavoidable commitments.

Custom Heading

Well! I have enough freelance part time home based job openings available for you. At the same time, I run a firm in Kochi and if you need full time in-house jobs, I can surely accommodate you at a reasonable salary package. The only thing is that you should have a creative bent of mind with excellent vocabulary and complete grasp over English grammar.

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    Who can apply for content writing jobs from home Kerala?

    You may be located in Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut or anywhere; it’s doesn’t matter as far as your writing skills are impeccable and you have a computer with good internet speed. If you belong to any of the below categories, you can apply for content writing jobs online Kerala.

    • College students with keen interest in writing. Journalism, BA, MA and MBA students would be preferred.
    • Qualified housewives looking for work from home opportunity.
    • People looking for part time writing jobs in Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut or anywhere in Kerala.
    • Everyone and anyone skilled, interested and committed towards writing.

    How to apply for content writing jobs in Kerala?

    If you are looking for writing job internships in Kerala:

    Drop a mail explaining why you should be considered. Without explanation, application will be rejected.

    In subject line: Internship application

    If you are looking for content writing jobs work from home:

    Send your samples and rates expected. Applications without samples and expected rates details will be rejected.
    In subject line: content writing job application

    There are a lot of content writing jobs with me and I am looking for long term commitments with right writers.

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