Are you looking for a reliable freelance writer that offers professional e-book writing services in India? Need the best e-book writer in India for hire for your next writing project? Not impressed with the current e-book content writer you have with you, now? Well, you are not alone. There are many businesses that worry about these same concerns. However, all that ends here as you have come to the best e-book creative writer in the market. My e-book writing services have been hired by domestic and international business for a range of purposes. This has endowed me with unparalleled exposure to varied projects that included writing a range of e-books in varying categories. I can leverage this experience as you need to create top-notch e-books as you prefer.

If you are thinking whether e-books can add value to you and justify your investments, consider the following:

  • E-books help you educate your audience about the brand
  • It helps you establish your brand stature and image in the market
  • E-books can deliver your expertise to your audience
  • It can help you bolster your ROIs considerably

Whether you are trying to write an e-book for your brand or bring your stories alive, my e-book writing services are the best choice you can make.

How My E-Book Content Writing Services Work

As an experienced content writer in the field, I have understood that many individuals and businesses look for e-book writers for hire. However, they also want to know extensively about the process that the service provider follows. The process often decides the quality of the e-books written. Therefore, I have designed a unique e-book writing process to give more creative control to my clients.

The process is as given below:

Understand the Clients’ Requirements

No matter how good an e-book ghost writer is, if he/she falls short to understand the needs of the clients, the services can be clumsy. Hence, I strive to learn the needs of the client before I start the project. Everything that comes later is developed based on the needs of the clients.

Carry Out Adequate Research

As one of the top creative e-book writers in the field, I understand that research is a quintessential part of any writing project—e-book or not. Once I understand the needs of the clients, I gather adequate details for the project through extensive research. This makes me one of the best e-book writers for hire.

Plan the Structure of the E-Book

Once I understand the clients’ needs and do the necessary research, I begin with planning the structure of the e-book. The index of the e-book is planned and developed for the first time. This will be followed by checking the tonality, sentence structure, readability, and the usage of terms in the book.

Develop the Content of the E-Book

This is where I develop the actual content of the e-book as you need. You will be involved in the initial stage to understand your vision and taste. After that, I will carry on with the same. As the project progresses you will be provided with periodic updates regarding the project, as well.

Client Revision and Final Approval

As I want to delight each client who wants to hire my e-book writing services, I believe that creating the e-book is not the end of our relationship. Hence, I deliver the e-book to the client for revision and suggestions for edits. Once the feedback is incorporated in the e-book, it will be delivered as you prefer.

Why Choose Me As Your E-Book Writer Online?

Although there are many e-book writing services providers, many clients find it hard to choose the right one for their requirements. However, having served many clients who needed e-book writers for a range of purposes, I place myself in the market with a unique stature. This is further supported by my service traits as given below:

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    Domain Expertise

    My tenure in the domain exceeds a decade now and I have worked with various clients having unique needs. Hence, I have unrivalled expertise in the domain to help all my clients regardless of the complexity of the project.

    Team of Writers

    In order to deliver the best e-book writing services, I have a team of seasoned e-book writers for hire. The team is constantly trained to keep up with the challenges, changes and dynamics of the industry in every way possible.

    Bespoke Services

    I have worked with various clients from diverse business verticals over the years. Hence, I know that no clients wants the same service. As a result, I have made it a point to render bespoke e-book writing services for my clients.

    Timely Delivery

    Timely delivery of the project is extremely important for me. Hence, when I undertake a project, I assess the time needed to complete the project and commit the time to my clients. And I never backpedal on the time I commit.

    Top-Notch Quality

    I want my clients to get top quality e-book writers as they have wanted. Hence, I integrated a swath of quality assessment systems into my e-book writing process. This helps me elevate the quality of the e-books that I write.

    Affordable Services

    As I work with small, mid-size, and large clients, I have always made my services affordable. My service packages can be chosen by the clients as per the nature and complexity of the project for maximum value for investments.


    I am a client’s writer. My e-book writing services are delivered as per the preferences and needs of the clients. It is my commitment to meet the expectations of the clients and I often go the extra mile to do it.

    Customer Service

    In order to meet all the requirements and concerns of the clients about the project, I have a skilled customer care team. They can be approached any time with your needs and they will address all the concerns in a timely manner.

    Hire my E-Book Writing Services in India

    I know that my clients need creative and bespoke e-book writing services for their requirements. And I am willing to help you with that. Over the years of my industry experience, I have served clients from the following verticals with my e-book writing services at affordable rates:

    • Publishing houses and groups
    • Aspiring individual writers
    • Hospitality companies
    • Technical businesses
    • Healthcare institutes
    • Educational institutes
    • Government departments
    • Marketing and advertisement

    Hence, if you are looking for a reliable freelance e-book writer who can live up to your expectations and deliver impeccable services, hire me.

    Contact me to get more details about my offerings, now!

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