“When passion becomes profession, perfection is the product”

Writing is not just my bread but my ultimate obsession. Alphabets to words, words to sentences, sentences to paragraphs and paragraphs to the final artifact or simply a word or sentence which can mesmerize! Weaving words to make an impression is an art and I believe to have mastered the same. Well!  I may be biased but all my clients fortunately opine so. And that’s my confidence…Anybody can write, but it takes a professional to express.

Do you feel a need to express in words? Have you designed a website and are you waiting for the words which can help you sell? You have launched a product and want an effective brochure for that? In need of taglines/captions, blogs, press release, newsletters, sales email, email flyers, product description, technical articles or simply SEO articles?

 Whatever needs you have with those 26 alphabets, your search ends here!

“You are at the right place and with the right person.“

With an experience of more than five years in the content writing industry, both online and print media, I have served clients from almost every part of the globe including Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Australia and US. Presently working as a freelance content writer in India, my services are available to businesses, small and large at genuine rates.

Just skip to my portfolio or blog to gauge my quality of work. For any writing related needs, reach me at anjitwriter@gmail.com or make a call to 9048815031

Why this freelance content writer in India?

  • I possess experience which is an irreplaceable virtue
  • For me deadlines and guidelines are sacred terms
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO
  • Client satisfaction is first and foremost.
  • Adherence to professional ethics; don’t even think of plagiarism please.

Beyond a writer-The boring part!!!

I am a normal imperfect human being, who admires beauty, laughs when happy and sobs when sad. Always preferring to stay calm and sometimes even lonely makes me a dreary person often, especially when I am in a party. People want to merry and laugh but sorry! I can’t please them with my philosophy. Still I have a bunch of sincere and true people around me. In fact, my career as a freelance content writer in India was enthused by the motivation they gave me. Thanks to their love and support… Really I mean it.

I was always in love with words, ever since my childhood. Reading books and sleeping with a book by my side with the lights on has always been a routine in my life. If my memory doesn’t deceive me, my first creative writing was a leave letter which I wrote to be spared from the caning of my teacher. (‘Creative’ because the reason for my leave was a mere imagination.) I was just about 10 years old at that time. After that, I became a regular hunt for all those who were in need of such writings. I kept on writing all these years and now I am seriously in love with my job of freelance content writer in India. This passion and craving for words and thoughts are never going to die.

When it comes to my educational background, I am an engineering graduate. Confused? Yes! You should be. In love with words, then why B-tech, why not journalism or any similar courses? Was B-tech an accident or a choice? Doing engineering was an unfortunate choice and voluntarily accident. To be precise, it was an accidental choice under mild imperceptible compulsion. Though I was always aware that my passion is writing, I never knew the possibilities it had. Luckily I came to know that there is a great scope for freelance content writers in India and even abroad. Now this is my bread since 7 years.

After graduation, I worked for several companies but soon realized that the job is not giving me any satisfaction. It’s insane that writers are regarded as word generating machines. Hello! We need some genuine time, tranquil atmosphere, a cup of coffee or some may even need a couple of smokes. So, being a freelance content writer in India was the ultimate choice which I made. And yes, I am happy with my decision.

Writing is my passion but I have few more crazy hobbies. I love travelling, and biking when it’s raining raises my spirits. Lying immersed in the scenic charm of nature, its aroma and the hidden whisper is yet another madness I enjoy.

That’s all… in fact there is much more about this freelance content writer in India but if I continue you will start yawning! Thanks for reading…Cheers!!!

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