If you are working in the graphic designing industry, you probably know that your profession is quite demanding. Your graphic designer CV must be appealing, convincing and unique.

Being a successful graphic designer is not everyone’s cup of tea as this profession requires a lot of technical knowledge and creative ideas. The technologies and software used in the industry is changing from time to time and you have the huge task of keeping yourself updated with those changes in addition to finding time to boost your creative self, let alone updating all these skills in your graphic designer resume.

There are a lot of things and skills you need to keep brushing up in order to make yourself relevant and instantaneous in coming up with a whole  bunch of things like layout designs, rough sketches of materials, preparation of illustrations and more. The most challenging moment comes when you have to apply for a promotion or new post as you have to showcase all your skills in a professional graphic designer resume. As an experienced writer, I know how to put the graphic designer profile summary in the best possible manner and the most appropriate template that would suit your profile.

I also have a team of experts. Our professional graphic designer resume writers in India will help you modify your resume in the right manner so that it won’t fail to send the message you want to convey to your recruiter.

Resume for graphic designers – few of the CV types we offer 

  • Resume for graphic designer fresher
  • Visual identity graphic designer resume
  • Packaging graphic designer CV
  • Environment graphic designer resume
  • Motion graphic designer resume
  • Publication graphic designer CV
  • User interface graphic designer resume
  • Marketing and advertising graphic designer resume

Initially itself, we will show you some graphic designer resume sample and examples with different templates and formats. It may be of other professions also. Whatsoever, the creative graphic designer resumes we come up with will be having 100% plagiarism free and unique content. It may sound quite strange and you may ask how it is possible as resumes are expected to comply with a certain format and standard. That’s true. Like every individual is different from the other, although there are so many physical and mental qualities shared commonly, each resume is different from the rest in one way or other. We try our best to highlight this uniqueness in your resume without failing to comply with standards and formats.

More than 95% of our customers testify receiving interview calls within 30 days

The professionalism and work standards we integrate into the resumes have always helped our clients receive the result they had expected. More than 95% of our customers to this day have testified that they received interview call, as promised, within the first 30 days after collecting our professional resumes. We can guarantee you the same.

Our  graphic designer resume services

To cater to the needs of a growing number of customers, we have come up with diversity of job recruitment related services. This includes:

  • Resume for graphic designer
  • Cover letter for graphic designer
  • Follow up letter for graphic designer
  • Thank you letter for graphic designer

If you have already prepared your graphic designer resume template or format and want us to check it for any typological errors or keyword issues or format/standard checks, our Indian expert’s services can be hired too. Our senior career specialists and writers can be contacted for the following services:

  • Resume proofreading services
  • Profile summary and key skills addition
  • Resume keyword insertion services
  • Resume formatting service
  • Resume standardization service
  • Resume editing service

Some statistics that might shock you

  • The maximum time a recruiter will take to go through a resume is just 6 seconds. If your resume fails to grab your recruiter’s attention in this short span of time, the least expected is sure to happen.
  • Professionally written resumes are 50% more likely to receive an interview call.
  • With a professionally written resume, the chances of not getting contacted by a recruiter are only less than 5%.
  • Professionally written resume holders have higher scopes for landing jobs than average resume holders.

How does it work?

If you are wondering whether we have a magic wand to make your resume attractive and polished all of sudden, no we don’t. We have professional resume writers with years of experience and thorough industry knowledge on our side. All we do is just to put together your experience, qualification, skills, background, etc. in a clear, standard and neat fashion using our expertise so that it will appeal to the recruiter.

To order your professional graphic designer resume from us, all you need to do is:

  • Fill in the online application form or contact us: This is the first step where we collect your information and background.
  • Get connected to our staff: Once the order has been placed, we will assign you one of our most suitable staff to you. You can communicate with him/her, if you want to suggest anything, make any correction or get a draft for your feedback.
  • Final copy is sent to you. You will receive the final copy according to the delivery deadline specified as per the package you have chosen. We request you to go through the copy at once and make sure that it is up to your satisfaction. We will give you a time frame of up to 48 hours to suggest changes or edits in the final copy free of charge.

We are one of the most transparent services when it comes to professional graphic designer resume writing in India. We abide by professionalism and strive best to bring results with our services. Get in touch with us today for more details.