Kerala’s entrepreneurial culture has been extremely strong and motivating since yore.  In this era of e-commerce, the survival and consequent growth of any business is dependent on the passion with which promotional strategies are executed. Galvanizing landing pages for websites have a crucial role to play in turbocharging your campaign. Kerala content writing services will create for you incredibly persuasive landing pages at unbelievable costs.

Landing Page Writing

How landing pages written by me pave the way for stratospheric growth?

  • Cogent, compelling headline which will seduce even apathetic viewers and compel them to commit attention to products
  • Influencing sales copy that laser-targets the targeted leads’ problems, hash out the adverse effects that may come their way owing to the problem, why the highlighted product is ideal remedy (an elixir of sorts!!), and how your offer surpasses all other contemporary offers floating? As a website content writer I stake believable claim for your products
  • Convincing placement of product images within the content to drive leads crazy about the product
  • Strategic sprinkling of testimonials by common people, celebrity endorsements and authoritative claims to convey the feeling that your product has helped people decisively ferry across their problems
  • Stats! As a professional website content writer, I underpin each claim with numerical facts
  • Financial assurance! Kerala content writing services understand that finicky leads may not be swayed unless they are shown the carrot. We ensure that your refund policy in case of non-satisfaction with the product is highlighted prominently to instil a sense of security among buyers about their investments
  • Sparkling offers! As a Kerala content writer, I dazzle the readers with strategically placed offer statements in bold
  • Clear call to action, positioned prominently on the landing page to dominate attention and force readers subliminally to take the desired step you want

Kerala content writer adds magnetic charm to your product’s landing page that’s hard to ignore. Trust us and experience an avalanche of serious leads sweeping your site.


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I am Anjit.V.S. I own this website and I run a content writing company in Kochi - Infig Content Hub. We also do graphic designing and website development works. It was in 2011 when I started my career as a freelance content writer in India. So, to your next writing project, I bring an experience of nearly a decade. Over the years, I have written content for various businesses, professionals and students.

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