How often have you felt words get stuck in your throat?

How often have you felt your thoughts get so tied up with your feelings that you are left struggling to express yourself?

The writing in a greeting card by a freelance content writer in India is far more than a long list of words or a piece of poetry piled up for the reader.

A greeting card should touch the heart of the reader like nothing else ever can.

The words should hang in limbo between the said and unsaid.

It should convey that ache in the heart or that gentle unnoticed blush hidden in the recesses of a smile without tearing open the heart or dissecting the smile.

Once read, it should linger along, reluctant to leave the cozy niche in the reader’s heart.

A greeting card writer in India is not just another writer.

An India based greeting card writer touches lives, makes smiles blossom, wipes tears, and can pick up the broken shards of a heart, stick the pieces together and fix a heart.

A greeting card writer in India is a proof that faith is not dead. That hope still lives in this world.

A greeting card writer isn’t trained into one. He is born as one.

We have in our midst Indian greeting card writers who are so talented and deft with words that they can give expression to the faintest, emotion in a heart.

They can lend expression to that first shy glimpse of love or that flutter in your heart when you see a certain somebody smile at you.

Want to express something to someone in the language of the heart?

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