“Juliet:content writer in Delhi

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)- Shakespeare “

The above quotes by Shakespeare is obvious but with certain unavoidable exceptions.

When it comes to a market there are various products. How does one demarcate between one and another?

What is the best way to actually distinguish a particular product from the others?

Content writer Delhi

Brand naming by content writer in Delhi

Ever thought of this, if not, then the answer is fairly simple.  A perfect brand name and tag line makes the product stand out. Don’t believe me? So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Mc Donald’s – I’m Loving It.? This proves that a catchy and interesting tagline can actually make a lot of difference in the mind of the consumer.

So now, that I have established the importance of having a good Brand name with recall value and a catchy tagline, the next question that comes to mind is Who does the coining of words ? Who brainstorms to create magic with words? Obviously it’s the job of a content writer Delhi.

This is exactly where I fit in. I am a freelance content writer in Delhi who has the knowledge and creativity to create interesting

–          Brand names with high recall value

–          Catchy tag lines that stay with the consumers

Here is the mantra to my success: content writer in Delhi

I ensure that the taglines I create are easy and will stick to the consumer’s mind: The gravest mistake that most content writers in Delhi do, is to write complex jargons that a layman fails to comprehend. The idea of a catchy tag line is to ensure that normal people understands the message and also remembers the same.  The impact should be like a good jingle, one that you will keep on humming unconsciously all day long. That’s the impact that my Jingles will have on your consumers. content writer in Delhi

My tag lines connect with the Consumer: The USP of my created taglines connects with the consumers. I conduct a thorough study of the product being marketed and the prospective consumers and then place my tag lines. Naturally an urban target consumer would prefer a particular lingo and pattern of words that others would not. A typical Delhi content writer should be aware of this fact.

They have a Special Aura: My taglines appeal to the readers. They have a jingle to it and are short and rhythmic that seems to stick on to the readers and stay with them. Just as a good song is known to grow on its listeners, my taglines are known to grow on its readers minds.

Sorry to contradict with great Shakespeare but this freelance content writer in Delhi believes that there is a lot in name and I provide you with perfect brand naming and tagline services.