I am a freelance content writer Bangalore catering to the diverse and exclusive literary needs of businesses, professionals and students pertaining to various genres and niches. My emphasis is on striking the right balance between your expectations from the content, the purpose it is intended to serve, acceptable style to frame the content flow, and overall dynamics of the targeted domain. Long years of experience in the copywriting industry have bestowed on me cutting edge insights and an uncanny sense of urgency that empower me to craft content which fulfils your needs expeditiously.

The success of any content piece depends on the extent to which it succeeds in impressing the targeted audiences and extracting the desired action out of them. This calls for meticulous planning wherein each aspect of the content has to be carefully poised to subliminally influence the thought process of audience. Predominance of difficult words, hard to comprehend phrases, illogical infusion of puns, and verbose dwelling on single subject tend to distract readers irrevocably. I make it a point to steer clear of such costly mistakes. My content development company is a blend of technically sound professionals from different backdrops. This is an attempt to showcase the seriousness with which I treat the content development profession. With sufficient technical nous, a writer can’t offer the content the deserved treatment needed for evoking the intended response from leads. Among the freelance content writers in Bangalore, my copywriting services do command greater volumes of work orders from clients because I don’t adopt a dilettante approach to writing.

The spectrum of copywriting services to which my content writing services in Bangalore caters to is presented below for you to choose the one that aptly complements your needs.

Advertisement copywriting services

Render your promotional campaign a thumping success with our advertisement copywriting services in Bangalore. Our copywriters use crispy language and animated tone to craft narrative that goes well with the audio-visual part of advertising. Your idea is bound to find resonance among prospects with our signature style of creating advertisement scripts. The narrative would lend adequate weightage to the ideas based on predominance as well as sequential surfacing up and would articulate your viewpoint in bold manner for optimum response. Rhetoric, dramatic or plain, our copywriting services can pull off literally anything and everything for you with elan.

Advertisement script writing

An advertisement script can yield the desired outcome only if it is suffused with a hard-hitting tone that compels prospects to commit unconditionally to your brand and remain loyal to it by overlooking adversarial market offerings. A simple advertisement script holds immense potential that can shine forth consistently in the short as well as long runs. Our advertisement script writing services in Bangalore would help you in preparing spellbinding scripts that apart from optimally reflecting your vision and mission would also craft the opinions of hordes of prospects in your favour. Trust us and experience the magic unfold.

Website copywriting services

Our website copywriting services in Bangalore have one explicit motive- to offer the local businesses and professional pursuits’ optimum online exposure so as to assist them in ensconcing their businesses unshakeably in the mainstream at par with national and global counterparts. We devise web content in scientific manner with proper scope for seamless navigation, intuitive browsing, focus on key highlights of the site and undistracted inclusion of advertisements in overall presentation. Search engine friendly and customer oriented, our web copywriting would definitely help you gain an unassailable competitive advantage over rivals and contemporaries with an appeal that is hard to resist for leads.

Company profile writing services

Magnetic company profile is a great credibility building opportunity that also serves to bridge the trust gap between your brand and prospective customers. Our company profile writing services in Bangalore prolifically churns out standard company intros that convey identity building impressions to readers. The profiles we deliver are complete in all aspects replete with mission, vision, quality policy, director’s message, about us, values and any other relevant element. We can tailor your company’s policy as per the needs of the various agencies wherein you may submit tender quotes to bag business. We believe in top notch quality only.

Brochure writing services

Brochure is a great medium to acquaint prospects with the colourful range of your business offerings. Our brochure writing services in Bangalore draw on the literary strength of ace copywriter who can create mesmerizing brochures with all the right information arranged strategically for capturing immediate attention of the readers. The high success rate of brochures, delivered by us, in driving business can be attributed to the scrupulous manner in which we prepare the text after conducting thorough research about your business and the sentiments of targeted audience group.

Article writing services

Articles are essential SEO tools that have proved highly efficacious in driving traffic to brand website through targeted keywords. Our article writing services in Bangalore are manned by proficient copywriters who can create unique, engaging, persuasive, informative, grammatically sound, and fun to read articles for submission in article directories, e-zine stores or for publishing in various online platforms. Plagiarism free articles are our hallmark. We place special emphasis in planning the flow and tone of the article so as to adequately live up to the aspirations of your leads. Trust us and experience your SERP ranking surge unprecedentedly.

Content Writer Consultant Bangalore

Regardless of the domain, let it be medical, sports, tourism, real estate or anything, being a senior content writer Bangalore, I can avail my services as your consultant company.

Though I started as a content writer freelancer  Bangalore, over the years I have formed my own team of industry experts from various fields to make sure that I can serve to my clients hailing from diversified niches.


SEO Copywriting Services

Our SEO copywriting services in Bangalore cater to your brand’s persistent need to stay in the spotlight by remaining relevant and visible online. We tweak the content on your platform in line with the stipulations of the leading search engines so as to force your site’s search engine result page (SERP) ranking notches up. This ensures that your site features in the opening response page to all queries relevant to your offerings. Your endeavour’s credibility, popularity, visibility and search engine friendliness are slated to take a mammoth leap with our copywriting services.

Social Media Content Writing

Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. offer powerful interfaces with audiences to interact directly and establish you as a thought leader in the niche segment. Our copywriting services team member tirelessly work to understand the pulse of the people who frequent social platforms and accordingly create compelling profile and regular content to project your brand as the only and inseparable partner of people in need of relevant services. Social media content writing in Bangalore is awaiting your call to craft magnetic social media oriented pieces that would impress visitors and motivate them to take a monetary decision in your brand’s favour.

Press Release Writing Services

Press releases are required to give maximum coverage to your new or upcoming product launch, service upgrading, strategic tie-up with new partner for cornering the niche market, or to announce anything important that has significance for the existing and potential customers and other stakeholders. Our press release writing services in Bangalore can cater to your PR needs efficiently by helping develop impactful press writings that would make readers sit back and take note. Sufficient efforts would be employed to make the PR reflect your brand values optimally so as to persuade even apathetic leads commit attention to your ventures.

Blog writing services

Blog is the superlative medium to connect with your customers or followers at a personal level and keep them updated about contemporary developments. Our blog writing services in Bangalore have a team of expert bloggers with excellent command over language. We can create professional blogs that serve the purpose of establishing you as an authority in the niche segment. Blogs by us have universal appeal and provide value to all cutting across demographic, socio-graphic and geographic barriers. The tone and style of the blog leverages your present brand identity and add newer popularity dimensions to it.

Travel writing services

Travel writing services in Bangalore present your travel related publishing needs a new perspective with creative pieces that are off the beaten track. We have full time as well as freelance content writers in Bangalore who painstakingly research each travel destination to come up with attractions that would make readers believe about the sincerity of your offerings. We work hard to bring business for you by exploring avenues that have remained untouched by your contemporaries but hold the potential to stimulate the travelling passion among readers. Incredibly fun and spirited writings would effortlessly confer on you a robust following that would take your business to newer heights of success.

Resume Writing Services

Our resume writing services in Bangalore give wings to your professional aspirations by helping you land the dream job that would propel your career on the path sought by you. We craft resumes scrupulously so as to highlight your key skills and experiences as valuable tools that would empower the prospective hiring organization realize its mission realistically. This knack of providing reflection to the expectations of recruiters through our resumes has provided our copywriting services with the unique distinction of securing 100% success rates. Our copywriter would offer your eligibility the deserved limelight from among mountainous heap of equally competitive resumes.

Linkedin Profile Writing

Compelling LinkedIn profile is highly effective in projecting you as authoritative professional before scores of prospective recruiters who have been seeking someone of your calibre to steer the ship of their organizations. We provide Linkedin profile writing in Bangalore to facilitate aspirants land the job profile of their ambitions and carve out preferential niches for themselves in highly competitive world. Copywriter with us embarks on profile creation taking 360 degrees perspective of your personal and professional portfolio for optimum success.

Letter Writing Services

Our accomplished fleet of freelance content writers in Bangalore can craft topical letters that would prove highly effective in communicating your motives and would seamlessly extract the desired commitment from the reader. At our letter writing services in Bangalore, we deal in letters of various genres such as letters of reference, letters of recommendation, business letters, sales letters etc. Reference and recommendation letters crafted by our copywriting services have unfailingly succeeded in portraying the candidates in superior light that has landed them the desired results.

SOP writing services

Students need to submit statement of purposes for various purposes be it for seeking admission in reputed academic institution, applying for visa or for securing a job. The list is progressively growing. Our SOP writing services in Bangalore cater to the entire spectrum of needs of students pertaining to crafting of letter of motivation, admission essay, statement of purpose or SOP, statement of expression, EOI or expression of interest and so on. Our content writers in Bangalore would deliver as per your aspirations and the requirements of the institution where SOP is to be tendered. Each SOP is painstakingly created in lucid language with focus on relevant points for incredible success.

Why I am the best freelance content writer in Bangalore for your needs?

  • Plagiarism free unique and original content
  • Strict adherence to the format and dictates provided by you
  • Lowest turnaround time with religious compliance to committed deadlines
  • Each topic extensively researched upon prior to being dealt with
  • Superb command over literary and technical aspects of writing
  • Keen eye on content integrity from grammar, layout, style, tone, idea flow and other standpoints
  • Impeccably proofread writings to ensure freedom from inadvertent flaws
  • SEO tricks applied wherever necessary for optimum search engine ranking
  • 100% success rate
  • Previous case studies and client references readily available
  • Easy adaptability to create content of various genres with equal elegance
  • No unnecessary jargons; user-friendly and informative style of writing

I don’t promote myself riding on the back of hollow words and lofty claims. My perseverance over the years has endeared me to numerous clients who instinctively pose their trusts on me as their first preference when it comes to the selection of a freelance content writer Bangalore.

My areas of expertise cover: