Advantage of different resume formats

Advantage of different resume formatsĀ  Times have changed and so are the ways to process your biodata by potential recruiters. The skills of CV developer from top notch resume making services in Kochi still matter, but contemporary times dictate tweaking CV formats adequately to measure up to the requirements of prospective employers. Well you may have been thinking about formatting your CV elegantly!! No need to pour cold water over the same. This blog will discuss the pros and cons of different Read[...]...


How to make your resume compatible with application tracking software?

Application tracking software! Is this name rings a bell in you? Well, if you are still unaware of it, be alert. If you are potential job seeker, your resume is likely to come across this. Companies are increasingly embracing this software to handle large number of resumes they receiveĀ and to weed out manual flaws. This implies that when you would now approach professional resume writing services in Kochi, you would have to stipulate that the resume must pass the software. Encountering the resume Read[...]...

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