LinkedIn Summary Writing for IT professional – Case study

The client

The client was an IT professional with years of experience and was in search for a job at the managerial levels in a dynamic and technology-driven company. He had very specific skills that can bring great value for organizations that need impeccable managerial skills.

The client was in search of a LinkedIn summary writer in Kerala who can effective tether the previous professional experience of the client in the most impressive way to drive great professional value to contention of the client.

The requirements

The client’s requirements were precise and spot-on. As a LinkedIn summary writer in Kerala, I was able to capitalize on these requirements specifically. They were;

  • To create a professional LinkedIn profile summary that meticulously jot out the professional experience of the client in the most convincing way.
  • To understand more about the various tasks and responsibilities that the client had to discharge during his professional career clearly so as to explain the nature of the role to anyone looking at the client’s profile.
  • To research for keywords that are pertinent to the niche industry sector that the client is working at and effectively incorporate them to the profile so as to return the profile for relevant searches in LinkedIn.

The challenges

In helping the client as a reliable LinkedIn profile writing services in Kerala, following challenges were identified;

The first challenge was to give a character to the entire LinkedIn profile of the client in line with the professional experience and the skill sets of the client. This was to help the viewers of the profile to understand the professional forte of the client.

The second challenge was to identify important responsibilities and roles that the clients had discharged during his professional career and to present them in convincing way so that the viewers were able to understand the capabilities of the client perfectly.

To make things worse, his resume was not updated. So, a detailed discussion was needed amid the busy schedules of client.  


The solutions

Being an experienced LinkedIn summary writer and profile makeover expert in Kerala, interactions with the client helped me in easily understanding the job responsibilities of the client during his tenure in different organizations.

With the inputs from the client and researches conducted by me in understanding various tasks to be performed by an IT professional at different managerial levels, I crafted an exceptional LinkedIn profile that spoke the professional story of the client in the most engaging way.

The result

With the help of my LinkedIn profile summary writing services in Kerala, the client was able to increase his connections effectively and drive more attention to profile from relevant people that added great value to his professional forte. He got many interview calls as well.