Different styles of resume writing

Resumes advertise your capabilities to the potential recruiters. This implies that the same stereotype won’t suffice for all occasions. CVs have different proven styles that need to be applied based on professional requirements. Resume writing services in Kerala have delivered stunningly efficacious resumes that have turned fortunes around for prospective job seekers.

Chronological resumes

This format is used most commonly. Your professional experience is listed in chronological manner with the recent job at the top and your previous ones listed subsequently. Most employers prefer this as they get a succinct glimpse of your accomplishments in one go. The CV format is perfect for aligning experience with job exposure for seekers who have spent uninterrupted stints in their professional lives.

Functional resumes

The focus of this format is on candidate’s skills and experience primarily. The chronology of your career path is immaterial. Skills are highlighted prominently and then the employment history finds its place. This format is perfect for candidates who are considering a career transition, or have visible gaps in their professional pursuits, recently graduated out of college or comes from a background where skills and experience don’t go hand in hand.

Combination resumes

This resume format combines experience and skills optimally and underpins the same with chronological listing of your professional career graph. This format is flexible and allows the candidate to customize his professional achievements and journey in a sort of story that would appeal to the prospective recruiter. This CV format is perfect for candidates who want to highlight their commitment and achievements while in job to the future employer. 

Targeted resumes

As the name suggests, this resume format focuses extensively on the targeted job. Your profile is tailored and expanded upon to ensure that your inherent and acquired skills, academic qualifications and experience measure up to the job’s requirements. The success rate of this format is exceptionally high, although it consumes a lot of time to be created. Resume writer Kerala would help you with this format. The high points of your career need to be portrayed in the right light without embellishment for best outcomes.  Resume writing services in Kerala can extend the right assistance to make your job search fruitful.